Wednesday, 3 September 2014

From Office

Hey, you all think you see me
Never did this is Harry Houdini
This is Bond with a stirred martini
Not shookly that to a genie

Hey, oh really so sure
I wasn't on your list before
Now you kiss the floor, Mr. 4 star, 5 star
Next best thing, irresistible

I got brand new socks
Pack of 5, I've been down the shops
Bring down your box 'cause she can't box me
Try pigeon hole me and the pigeons better watch

Hop scotch, I've jumped on your what's hot
Blog spot, I've reclaimed the top spot
Came down and Kate Moss'd your top shop
Now you feeling green with envy

This concerns you, where's your brain at?
You claim that we all wear the same hat
You ain't that cheap Biro somewhere else
You ain't hurt me, this ain't the same track

[Incomprehensible], new chapter
Open doors, rap velociraptor
Paparazzi captured the action
Papa's got a brand new bag

Try to find me, try to find me
It don't matter, the kids still rewind me
Time and time again I'll grind you
Winding down your friends, Amen

Youtube views in, who's losing
Don't give a damn, I'm on the new team
I may mooz with a pound and shoe string
We should make possible, now I'm Tom Crusing

Hey, there be no more rapping
If there is then I'll keep it old fashioned
Reckon I'll sing for the second switch size
Like I'm [Incomprehensible]

You didn't like me in rap, so what?
I didn't like me in rap
So now I know just how that feels
I ain't gonna show my rap skills, this is just chat, hey

And when you see me from space
I can't wait for that look on your face
And when you see me from space
I can't wait for that look on your face

And when you look down, when you look down
I look your dad in the eye
And when you see me from space

And when you look down
And when you look down
And when you look down
And when you look down

I look your dad in the eye
I look your dad in the eye
I look your dad in the eye, oh why

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Spearhead from Space

Spearhead from Space is the first serial of the seventh season in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts from 3 January to 24 January 1970. It was the first to be produced in colour. The serial introduced Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor. It also introduces Caroline John as the Doctor's new assistant, Liz Shaw. Nicholas Courtney reprises his role as Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and becomes a regular cast member beginning with this serial.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mysteries of the Sun

Welcome to the Mysteries of the Sun. This unique NASA resource on the web, in print, and with companion videos introduces Heliophysics: the study of the Sun's influence throughout the solar system and, in particular, its connection to the Earth and the Earth’s extended space environment. Learn about topics such as Space Weather, Solar Variability, the Heliosphere, Earth’s Magnetosphere, and the Earth’s Upper Atmosphere. Come and explore our Sun!

Friday, 30 May 2008

After the Touch...A Taste

As the portal slid open, I caught sight of Comet Rider just stepping out of the lapper, running her hand through her hair to give it some lift. She looked at me with a barely concealed smirk. “So…what do you think of Bannick?”
I walked over to the settee and settled myself into its soft cushions then reached over to the low table and poured a long libation from a convoluted bottle of liqueur that just seemed to be begging to be tasted. I raised the cool liquid towards my lips and then just tweaked its silver surface with the tip of my tongue.

“Tokugawan Black Ice.” I commented with an appreciative nod at Comet Rider, who was staring at me either with a great deal of control or none at all. “Where’d you get Bannick? She has all the culture and aplomb of an Oortian Cavecruncher.”

Commander Rider tossed her towel into the incinerator – a perfect shot, then walked over and plucked the drink from my hand and tossed it down like it was mother’s milk. I admit I was impressed. Tokugawan Black Ice can take the ‘g’ out of ‘gamma’ quicker than antimatter blowing off an electron. “Bannick is quite an asset, Girk." She chided me. "You should learn to play nice. It will get you a lot further than…”

“Flaunting my techno-antics?” I finished.

She smiled. Aeonic Fusion, I saw the woman smile. True, it was a triumphant 'gotcha' kind of smile, but it was a start.

"So," I asked as Comet Rider sank into the cushion next to mine. "Why didn't you just come and ask me your questions - or maybe you prefer to come up with answers through a psysexual? Wait, that's right, you didn't come, did you? That means you have to totally trust Bannick to tell you the truth. Most interesting. You don't seem like the type of woman who would let a little pleasure get in the way of gaining knowledge, Rider, and you certainly don't seem the type that would totally trust anyone. Feel free to break in here at anytime and correct me if I'm wrong...please."

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Pressing The Issue

Pressing The Issue

As Space Girk was about to overtake Comet Rider just five strides from her cabin portal, a firm arm encircled Girk's waist.

With what felt like the strength of a nuclear force, Vice-Warrior Bannick's grip tightened until Space Girk erupted in anger. "Playing coup d'etat so early in the voyage, Bannick? I'd have given Rider more credit than this."

“No coup, Commander. Let’s just call this a ‘conference,’ shall we?”

Space Girk grinned evilly as she waltzed Bannick up against the nearest wall and pointed out, “Conferencing with an alluring psysexual has always been one of my fantasies. Right up there with rectifying those nasty issues at the Singularity Core.”

Keene Bannick smiled down sweetly at Girk and, guiding her by the shoulders, stepped her back just enough so that they were no longer pelvis to pelvis. She turned her palm upward. “Your cumchit please, Commander.”

Space Girk laughed, genuinely. “Vice-Warrior Bannick, Keene, why don’t we just work together here? Hate to see a volatile creature such as yourself cruising in Comet Rider’s wake. Seems you and I should be able to strike a deal. Savvy?”

Bannick took her sweet time measuring Mab Draka only knows what in the depths of Girk’s indolent gaze. “Don’t waste your time looking for deals, Commander. Every lesbian Commander Rider brought on board is perfectly loyal to her.” Bannick shook her head. “If you’re smart, you’ll start cooperating with the true commander of this ship and quit flaunting your techno-antics as if they could compete with genuine character.” She looped around Girk, turned her back to her, and walked away, adding, “Best of luck with the Singularity Core.”

Under her breath, Space Girk muttered something about conflabberated fingerfluster and, marching resolutely over to Comet Rider’s portal, she pressed the doorbell, thinking, A buzzer! How frickin’ primitive can you get?